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April Hulvershorn, L.Ac., and Dave Goodell, L.Ac.

David Tucker, L.Ac. -


Perinatal Acupuncture

Jasmine Bay, L.Ac.  -



Carolyn Fancher, DC -


Craniosacral Therapy for Adults

Broehe Karpenko, LMT, CCST -

Allison Day, LMT, CCST, CZST -

Local Crafted Touch CST Training Graduate list:


Craniosacral Therapy for Infants and Kids

Lauren Christman, LMT, CBSI/KMI, CCST -


Massage Therapy- Full Body Deep Tissue

Keighli Donald, LMT - 1-425-478-7907

Ben Jahn, LMT -

Massage Reimagined -

Oncology Massage and Coaching

Jennifer Cerulli, LMT, CCST, CLMDT -

Prenatal/Postpartum Massage

Megan Miyazaki, LMT -

Jasmine Love, LMT -


Reiki and Massage  

Jennifer Cea, LMT, Reiki Master  (206)719-3759

Structural Integration-  Rolfing 

Megan Miyazaki, LMT -


Self care/Homework

Jaw/TMJ selfcare instructions-

Support for easier births via infant position:

Spinning Babies-

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