Who we trust

Who we trust

Danielle by Danielle

Seattle is full of great resources for pregnant women and families- we’re so lucky! This is a short list of some folks we know and trust.

Doula support

Carrie Kenner — Carrie is also a great resource for connecting with other doulas.

Birth/parenting classes

Big Belly Services


Holly Hochstadt, DC — Offers gentle, effective chiropractic care and is also a great resource for babies and kids.


Jasmine Bay, L.Ac.
Michelle Obertacz, ND, L.Ac.
Andrea Kurtz Russell, L.Ac.
Susan Moore, L.Ac.

Prenatal/ Postpartum “Mom and Baby” Yoga

Eight Limbs Yoga
Yoga Mama

Natural fertility support

Teresa Evans, ND, CM
Michelle Obertacz, ND, L.Ac.

LGBTQ fertility/ insemination support

Teresa Evans, ND, CM

While we don’t know everyone on this list, this miscellaneous reference list (everything from breastfeeding to photography) comes from a trusted source, Birth and Beyond.