How can massage help during pregnancy?

How can massage help during pregnancy?

Danielle by Danielle

For many of our moms, pregnancy is a time when, more than ever, extra support is needed and desired. A good therapeutic massage is her favorite hour of the week, with good reason! Regular massage during this time can be a wonderful way to address common aches and pains associated with a progressing pregnancy, like hip pain, lower back pain, rib pain, sciatica and sore, swollen feet. Time on the massage table can also be a welcome space to rest, recharge and share concerns in a safe space, and research has shown that relieving overall stress via prenatal massage is very supportive for the health of both moms and developing babies. After delivery, postpartum massage can help address sore muscles after delivery, support healthy scar tissue development after caesarian sections, and provide relief for aches and pains related to carrying for the daily needs of a newborn.

For nearly all moms, with proper positioning and correct techniques, massage therapy can be a very safe, welcome resource all the way through her pregnancy. We have all pursued advanced training and have experience working with pregnant women, and Megan and Melissa have pursued additional training to support moms with higher risk factors. And as always, if you have questions about whether massage therapy is a good fit during your pregnancy, talk to your doctor.

We also offer other perinatal support beyond massage in our office:

  • Megan, Melissa and Danielle offer one-on-one training sessions during the third trimester for moms and their labor partners, teaching hands-on techniques to support moms during labor and birth.
  • We have a referral list of other great birth professionals who can support you and your family.
  • When possible, we offer onsite massage services for you and your family, in the hospital and at home.

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