Danielle Lowinger

“Danielle is amazing! She seems to know where I hurt before I even know I hurt and then she gets at the problem area…”

– Ilana B.

Effective October 1st, 2017, Danielle is moving her practice to Crown Hill/North Ballard. For more information, including scheduling sessions after October 1st, please call or text her at 206-310-9460.

September 15th, 2017

Dear friends,

Working with you and my colleagues has been a blessing, a challenge and an amazing teacher! Thank you for your trust and the opportunity to work with you for the last thirteen years. I am currently gearing up to step into a new role as a nursing student, heading towards life as a nurse practitioner, and I am making some changes in my work and home life to accommodate this by moving my practice home. I will working be mostly Mondays and Thursdays, with some occasional Saturday sessions.

All the best,


About Danielle:

What drew me to massage was a desire to help others, and a curiosity about how touch/body based/holistic therapies like chiropractic, massage and acupuncture had helped me with some physical challenges- neck pain and migraines. I also had noticed that after these sessions, I felt more at home in my body and my life, for reasons my mind certainly could not explain but my body felt—less pain but also less anxiety and more ease, both physically and emotionally. This remains true for me years later, and the interconnectedness continues to intrigue and teach me. In a time when more people report feeling disconnected, alone, confused and rushed, as well as in physical pain, this kind of hands on, one on one, open approach feels vital and relevant more than ever.

I love the variety of challenges and goals clients bring to the table and the range of tools I can use as a massage therapist—in my case, usually deep tissue massage, myofascial release work and craniosacral techniques.

I enjoy hiking, reading, yoga, cooking (and eating) with friends and family, and learning more about balance, joy, community, the world and my place in it.




Brenneke School of Massage Certification Program (650 hr.)
Seattle, WA | 2003-2004

Brenneke School of Massage Lomi Loku Training with Kolleen Kohlrus
Seattle, WA | 2004

Postural Assessment of the Upper and Lower Body with Maureen Warren
Seattle, WA | 2005

Advanced Head and Neck Master Class with Tom Myers
New York, NY | 2005

Anatomy Trains with Lauren Christman
Seattle, WA | 2009

Craniosacral Core Series and Advanced Series Classes (200+ hr.) with Ursula Popp
Seattle, WA | 2010-2012; 2017.

Birth Doula Training with Carrie Kenner, Big Belly Services
Seattle, WA | 2011

Intro to Abdominal Massage Series with Marty Ryan
Seattle, WA | 2012-2013

Pre- and Perinatal Massage Certification with Carol Osborne
Kenmore, WA | 2013