Welcome home—to your body and your life.

We provide client-centered therapeutic massage in a safe, welcoming environment to promote greater ease and awareness to people with a wide variety of personal goals (pain relief, stress reduction, injury recovery, overall wellness, and prenatal support).

Our goal:  We help you meet your goals and feel more at ease, more supported, and more aware in the process…because a happier, healthier you matters—to you, your community and your world.

What happens during a massage

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What happens during a massage?

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Frequently Asked Questions.

When is massage helpful?

Do you do deep tissue massage?

Will you accept my health insurance, worker’s compensation claim, or motor vehicle accident claim for payment?

Is it OK to work with a different person in the future?

What massage techniques do you use?

Do I have to get undressed?

Do you offer spa services?

When is massage helpful?.

A few common reasons clients seek massage with us:

  • A desire to relax/stress relief
  • For pain relief related to the musculoskeletal issues (back and neck pain, headaches, etc)
  • To recover from an injury
  • For support during and after pregnancy
  • A desire to be more connected with intuition/to feel more grounded
  • For support during training for an event (a marathon, soccer season, dance, etc.)
  • A desire to stay active and do the things you love

Do you do deep tissue massage?.

Yes, we do. All of our therapists have training and are very experienced with deep tissue techniques.

Will you accept my health insurance, worker’s compensation claim, or motor vehicle accident claim for payment?.

Potentially, yes; please see our Rates + Insurance page for more information.

Is it OK to work with a different person in the future?.

Absolutely! One of the strengths of our practice is access to different practitioners in a collaborative environment. Your new therapist will also have access to your notes from your earlier sessions, too.

What massage techniques do you use?.

Deep tissue massage: A variety of massage techniques that are often applied with more pressure, with the intent to decrease/release areas of stubborn muscle tension

Swedish massage: Smooth, flowing strokes, usually with less pressure, designed to promote overall relaxation

Myofascial release techniques: “Myofascial” refers to the blend of connective tissue and muscle that make up the layered “fabric” of our bodies. Due to injury, diet, lack of movement or congenital problems, this fabric can get “stuck” to underlying layers, causing restriction, tension and pain. Myofascial techniques focus on unsticking these layers to promote greater ease.

Sports massage techniques: Gentle rocking, stretching and compressions designed to gently loosen or warm up muscle tissue and joints.



Shiatsu: A form of bodywork related to acupuncture where specific pressure points are used to balance chi to decrease symptoms and support overall health (Megan and Melissa)

Cranio-sacral therapy: A very gentle form of bodywork which works with flow of the cerebral spinal fluid and the bones of the skull and spine to support optimal functioning of the central nervous system and promote overall health (Jennifer and Danielle).

Intraoral techniques for TMJ and headaches: A mixture of craniosacral and myofascial techniques performed inside the mouth to release tension and promote balance (Jennifer and Danielle)

Do I have to get undressed?.

While clients usually do, this is definitely not required. Many sports massage, shiatsu and cranio-sacral techniques work well with clients fully clothed, in loose, comfortable clothing.

Do you offer spa services?.

Our focus is therapeutic massage, and we do not offer pedicures, facials or body scrubs or wraps (although we like them, too!).

Any other questions? Please feel free to contact us any time.