Upcoming changes in 2016

Upcoming changes in 2016

Danielle by Danielle

I promised big news in my next blog post, and here it is!
We are making some big changes here at Helix in 2016. Please check out the links for more detailed information on the specifics.

  • We are looking forward to a new online schedule that is much more user friendly- hurray! We’ll be rolling this out on December 1st. This is especially important as we will no longer have a receptionist, as of January 1st.
  • Melissa, Liz and Elizabeth will all be leaving Helix (and will be missed dearly) at the end of the year. We wish all the best for you, ladies, and so appreciate your hard work!
  • Our relationships with a number of insurance plans will be changing, effective January 1st. ┬áMost of us (except Megan) will be considered out of network with most plans.

What is prompting some of these changes? As some of you know, I had a baby this year, and my focus has shifted away from caring for this business to caring for my sweet boy, Erik. I have so much gratitude for the support the massage team and our front desk (back office, too – Thanks, Christine!) have provided this year, but Helix will need more tending from me on a day to day basis soon or a fundamental change in our structure. With this in mind, our massage team will be changing from employees to independent businesses, working under the Helix umbrella, effective January 1st, and I will step back (even further) from managing. You will see some changes over the next two months as we prep for this shift. Please know our goal is to continue to work as a team, sharing expertise and working together to support you.

Thank you for reading, and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!