Thank you, Melissa!

Danielle by Danielle

Melissa made “Helix Massage” feel like a reality to me.

Even though I had been in business for a few years when we met, saying my business name felt funny until Melissa came on board. She was (and is) someone I could be proud to support and someone who cared the way that I did about what we were offering, and I really wanted and needed that to move forward. She has helped shape Helix Massage and make it what it is, and I am so grateful for her heart, her massage skills, her loyalty, her sense of humor (it’s not uncommon to hear laughter ring out from her treatment room), and her grace in the face of challenges, big and small.

I look forward to hearing about what this next stage brings for her and her clan, and if we have the chance to collaborate in the future, I’d consider it a blessing. You will be missed, friend!

With much love and gratitude,