From Megan, with love- An update about her plans.

From Megan, with love- An update about her plans.

Danielle by Danielle

To the sweet people of Seattle:

I have some big upcoming changes! In late September I am going to Japan for three weeks. This trip is a honeymoon and so as of 2018 my last name will be changing to Miyazaki.

Afterward, I am going back to Boulder for my final schooling at the Rolfing Institute. This December I will graduate, completing several years of study. Thank you to my clients for being understanding of the travel towards this new skill set. It is my clients who inspire me to remain curious and continue broadening my skills, so I am excited to bring this work back to you! Look forward to future information on Rolfing and it’s benefits.

These transitions also brings changes in how I practice massage. In 2018 I will begin Rolfing work as well as continue with both cash patients and PIP work. I am going to be looking to mentor one or several massage therapists in massage for complicated pregnancies. This work has been a passion of mine for many years and I would like to see it expand! I would also like to do some case study research on some techniques I have developed for certain conditions during pregnancy.

Also, in 2018 I will stop accepting insurance for my work. Since I will be gone most of the late part of the year my last day to accept insurance is Sept 19, 2017. This is bittersweet. It is with my deepest gratitude to my insurance patients that I make this transition. The choice was made so I could continue to grow as a practitioner and provide even more effective and efficient care. I would like to be as supportive as I can for your next steps of care. I (of course!) would welcome the chance to continue seeing you for care. Some patients have chosen to continue care with HSA funds or other creative solutions. Please help me to know what you may need.

Thank you so much for understanding.

You all are so dear to me,

Megan Jones LMP